There are 4 intra-university competitions regrouped under REFAEC – Regroupement Étudiant des Facultés d’Administration de l’Est du Canada.

The RÉFAEC was born in 1986 and really took off a few years later with the creation of the Commerce Games in 1989. For the first time, executive student associations of faculties had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and working methods.
The RÉFAEC was first known as the Coalition of Student Administration Faculty of Quebec (RÉFAQ) before they grow with the arrival of the University of Ottawa and the University of Moncton. Over time, the RÉFAEC added three other major competitions to its list: the Happening Marketing, HR Symposium in 2000 and finally the Financial Open, newly added in 2006.

The REFAEC today represents over 33,000 students from Quebec universities, the University of Ottawa and the University of Moncton.

For more info, visit the official REFAEC facebook page: REFAEC on Facebook

Coordinators for our 2011-2012 delegations

JDCC Co-captains – Samantha Fu & Cassandra D’Ambrosio
JDC Coordinator – Avelyn Taing
FO Co-coordinators – Gaziza Tolkimbayeva & Catherine Brunet
HM Coordinator – Flavie Laliberte