President/Executive Director ­– Ammen Bains

Ammen is entering his fourth and final year at McGill. He is a proud member of the Desautels student body and is studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As the president of DMCC, Ammen leverages experience from both past VP positions, as well as having competed in case competitions at all levels including internationally last year at MMICC.


Academic DirectorFrancesca Colantuoni 

Francesca is entering her fourth and final year at McGill, majoring in Economics and Marketing. Born in Tokyo but French at origin, she was thrilled to move to Montreal and has loved contributing to the dynamic and energetic Desautels student body over the years that definitely knows how to work hard and play hard. Having competed in various case competitions at McGill, her mission is now to recruit and train top talent at Desautels to make sure we bring home the most trophies this year!


Academic DirectorEric Zhao 


Athletic DirectorAmy Furgoch

Amy is entering her second year at McGill with a minor in mathematics and a concentration in operations management. She is from a small town called Arnprior, Ontario and absolutely loves being in the city of Montreal. In the past, Amy has competed in JDC sports and this year she is the Director of Athletics for DMCC. She hopes to increase awareness of DMCC sports as well as to improve McGill’s athletic performance in each of the competitions. If you ever see her around Bronfman, feel free to go say hi and ask her anything about the competitions!


Social DirectorDianna Peng

Dianna is a third-year student with a major in accounting. She is a fan of challenges and adventures. Having participated in both Les Jeux du Commerce and Happening Marketing as a social team delegate, she will be recruiting and training the new teams in her new role. Dianna spent the past summer backpacking through volcanic ranges in Central America so her outlook on life is now “there ain’t no mountain high enough”. She aims to reach to the top with this year’s delegation.


Director of EventsGraydon Clerk

Graydon is in his U1 year at McGill and is majoring in finance. Graydon will be working to increase awareness and funds for the DMCC through events open to the delegations and the McGill student body. He knows from experience how fun case competitions are and wants everyone at Desautels to be able to share in the adventure. He hopes to make sure that the DMCC is known by all Bronfmanites and that the events can increase the participation of our delegates. Additionally, he wants all delegates to get to know each other and have as much fun as possible through DMCC involvement. Graydon is from Toronto, Ontario and promises he is actually from Toronto and not the suburbs.


Director of EventsSauraj Gambhir

Sauraj is in his second year at Desautels, majoring in Finance and Economics. He is responsible for the various events that DMCC will host throughout the year in order to increase participation and fundraise for the case competitions. His vision for the year is to ensure that all 4 case competitions work under the umbrella of DMCC so as to have more success in the future. He is from Mississauga, Ontario and you will definitely see him around Bronfman all the time.


Director of CommunicationsWendy Erica Lai

A second year business student studying Finance and Accounting, Wendy enjoys connecting with people and trying out challenges. Despite being a serious competitor, she loves to have fun and is excited for another year of DMCC. She can be found backpacking and volunteering for health-related NGOs in her spare time.


Commerce Games (JDC) PresidentAlexis Tremblay

After leading the delegation last year, Alexis decided to renew its commitment to JDC. His motive? Redeem McGill’s pride and enhance the student learning experience. For the past years, he has been involved in many case competitions both as an academic participant and an organizer. The experience showed him all that case competitions have to bring to students. For a start, recruiters love them. They demonstrate that you can apply concepts learnt in class to real life situations. Case competitions are an amazing way to sharpen your communication and problem-solving skills. Oh and did I forget to mention that they are a ton of fun? Just ask around and you’ll see. When not working toward making JDC memorable, Alexis can be seen enjoying life with friends, reading, and playing football.


Commerce Games (JDC) CoordinatorNicholas Hunsley

Nick is a third year student who participated in the last two Jeux du Commerces, this year he is taking charge and will be the coordinator for McGill’s delegation. He hopes to use his knowledge from prior Commerce Games to pump up his delegates to perform to the highest of their abilities, while participating in one of the most memorable events of their university career. Most of all though, he is extremely excited to hear endless hours of McGill chants!


Commerce Games (JDC) VP Academics Marie-Gil Fabris

The first extracurriculars Marie-Gil got involved in when she arrived at McGill last year were case competitions. After having participated in JDC as a volunteer and surprise case participant, as well as in HM as a volunteer, she knew she wanted to get even more involved in this incredible experience. For her, participating in case competitions is not only a great way to upgrade your resume, but also to contribute to the success of McGill in external competitions. Fully committed to this project, she is dedicated to ensure that the delegation is going perform well and have an amazing time at JDC! Currently in U2 and pursuing a major in marketing, Marie-Gil can otherwise be found travelling around the globe, reading, or hanging out with friends!


Commerce Games (JDC) VP Events Arianne-Li Deslandes

Arianne is entering her second year at Desautels with concentrations in sustainability and international business. After being a volunteer for JDC and HM, she knew her participation in case competitions would not stop there. She wanted to be more involved,get more experience in competitions, and definitely meet awesome co-workers and delegates! She hopes case competitions will gain better awareness through events organized by the JDC committee and the DMCC, and that McGill will improve its positioning in all competitions. If you have any questions, or even if you don’t, don’t be shy and go talk to her!


Commerce Games (JDC) VP Engagement Madeleine Coste

Madeleine has one last semester to go and is determined to help McGill win some trophies at JDC! She is originally from France, but has lived in 5 continents and travelled in over 20 countries. Her passion for travelling explains her interest in cultures and sustainability, and she therefore chose to study a general management degree with concentrations in international business, strategic management and human resources. She also loves to contribute in the planning of events and was one of the coordinators for Happening Marketing in 2014. This year, she will be in charge of the communication with the JDC delegation and cannot wait to see their efforts translate into podiums.

Happening Marketing CoordinatorLéa Boudrias
Lea is currently in her 3rd year at Desautels and she is majoring in accounting. She participated to JDC and HM, where she realized she wanted to be involved in the DMCC committee. Her objective is to offer a memorable experience to all the participants by creating connections within the delegation and with other schools. She hopes to see McGill on the podium at HM 2015.

In her spare time she is amateur of photography, she enjoys running outside and she likes outdoors escapades.
Happening Marketing Deputy CoordinatorHaviva Yesgat

Haviva is entering her third year at McGill majoring in Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. After having participated in Happening Marketing last year, she realized how invaluable and enriching case competitions are to students. Returning as Deputy Coordinator, Haviva will be working alongside the coordinator to ensure an unforgettable experience for McGill delegates. Born and raised in Montreal, she enjoys reading, playing basketball, and travelling.


Financial Open CoordinatorTianning Lao

Having a volunteer position during Happening Marketing 2013 as its first involvement, Tianning has a deep attachment with case competition. Having lead Happening Marketing 2014’s delegation, he is back for Financial Open 2015! Born in Beijing, but spent most of his life in Quebec City, he loves everything about Montreal: the people, the nightlife, McGill and… the FOOD!! Having achieved third place overall last year, his mission is to bring this year’s delegation the first place that it deserves!


Financial Open Deputy CoordinatorTony Ren  

Tony is a U2 student completing a Joint Honours degree in Finance and Economics. This year he is assisting in the organization of McGill’s FO delegation. In his first year at McGill, he competed in JDCC , NBTC, and DMLS and fell in love with case competitions. He hopes to share his passion for case with the rest of DMCC. This summer Tony went backpacking across Central Europe to explore more of the world!


JDC Central CoordinatorRachel Burk

Rachel is in her second year at McGill, studying General Management with concentrations in Finance and Strategy. This year, she will be the coordinator for McGill’s first ever full JDCC delegation, and has already booked a second bus seat for all of the inevitable trophies McGill will be bringing home. She is from Kitchener, Ontario, and swears it is a way cooler town than everyone thinks. When she isn’t participating in case competitions or trying to be funny, Rachel enjoys exploring new places, running for extended periods of time, and wandering around farmers markets.


JDC Central Deputy CoordinatorAnish Shah

Anish is entering his second year at McGill and is majoring in Finance and Economics. He was born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario and was extremely excited to move to Montreal to attend university. He is responsible for coordinating the operations and logistics for the whole McGill JDCC delegation, and is positive that this year our team will be bringing home the gold!