About Financial Open


Financial Open (Omnium Financier) is an inter-university academic case competition that brings together the best students in finance and accounting from over 10 schools across Eastern Canada. Students test their business and presentation skills in six finance and accounting cases, in a quiz, as well as in a stock simulation. The Financial Open also presents an excellent opportunity to network with sponsoring companies.

Financial Open 2010 was hosted at Desautels from February 5th to 7th 2010, the first external competition to be hosted at McGill in more than ten years!

The 2015 edition of Financial Open will be hosted at UQAM from January 30th – February 1st.



Cases: In teams of three and in three hours, students analyze and solve a real-world business case and prepare a 20-minute presentation. This is then presented in front of a panel of professionals and business professors, and judged based on quality of analysis, recommendation, and presentation. There are 6 academic cases at Financial Open, as well as a Stock Simulation and a Financial Quiz. The 6 cases are: Corporate Finance, Market Finance, Personal Finance, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Tax.



The participation component considers 2 aspects: involvement and respect. The involvement of a delegation consists of the positive impact a delegation has on the success of the competition. This includes the support given to ensure the proper execution of the competition, the active presence of the participants, team spirit at the games and the efforts to bring the Spirit of the Games to life. The respect component considers how each delegation has interacted with both the organizing committees and other schools involved, and their ability to maintain composure in both victory and defeat.




Congratulations to our Financial Open delegation for their amazing 3rd place finish!

Managerial Accounting team: Mathieu Audet, Stephanie Rodrigue and Jonathan Li –> 1st place podium

Corporate Finance: Kerim Baccari, Alexis Lemieux-Cardinal and Romain Ades –> 3rd place

Personal Finance: Jeremy Kertzer, Xavier Le Sieur and Chuang Zhu –> 3rd place

Quiz: Michaela Hirsh and Belal Yassine –> 3rd place